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Exun 2004

The Big One!

So Long and Thanks for all the Paneer Tikka.

Exun 2004 was a certified success. I’m not thanking all the members for it, though – only the ones who showed up and actually worked. I’m going to be making individual references to people in general who I think helped Exun the most, in the order in which they come to my mind.

Shankar Sir

Believe it or not, but, without him, you would’ve had delays, cancellations, missing things and everything catastrophic that simply evaded your eyes because of this man who took care of it all. There are two insanely great things about him. First, he works a lot more than he’s supposed to. Second, he involves himself in your problem and “gets the job done�. There are very few people who can manage this, and for this I respect him and like him. (I don’t know his surname however)

Mukesh Sir

In Exun, you don’t need a microscope to tell who’s working the hardest. Firstly, this man single-handedly keeps track of everything, small and big. Most of the time, it’s the small things that matter more. Secondly, he has a quality that I like very much. Unlike a lot of our members, he doesn’t think that some task is too lowly for him. Whether you ask him to find you a stapler or you ask him to get you Oracle’s 9i software, for him, both of them are important jobs.


Whatever people might say about him (regarding ‘Sleeping President’ and all), you should know that Maanick is a genuinely decent person, who was indispensable in Exun. It’s just that sometimes he forgets to take printouts (and thereby dishonours our motto).


I couldn’t come to see even a single round of any of the gaming competitions, and that wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t trust Manas with the job. He shows much more maturity, being in Class IX, than even a lot of his senior brethren and I should hope he becomes the President of Domain Square next year (that decision however rests with Sir). The fact that no grumbling people emerged from lab 6 is living proof of what I think must have been impeccable organization.

Ishita, Dhruv, Saumya, Abhishek, Bharat

What makes Exun different from the Interact Club is the fact that Exun does stuff, while the IC, even with three dozens ‘directors’ manages to achieve nothing meaningful. People like Ishita, Saumya, Bharat, Dhruv and Abhishek make this possible. Here, they are thanked and respected for doing exactly what they’re told without whining. A lot of people in Exun do work, but they also whine a lot, which makes them irritating. These people are Exun’s crown jewels who actually do a lot of work without making you shout and so, they should be recognized for this. I understand that as one becomes an older and more senior member of Exun, this ability to listen and work goes down rapidly as the ego gets bloated. These kind souls have suppressed that emotion. Dhruv must also be recognized especially for the ‘quality’ of work that he puts in.

Souvik, Nisheeth, Gursartaj

Souvik and Nisheeth come into the category of those who whine (sometimes a bit and sometimes a lot) but nonetheless they do a lot of work. Not just a lot, a WHOLE LOT of work. We need to have one eternal worrisome person like Souvik (the sky is falling down again!) to keep everything in check, a person like Nisheeth with a booming voice and large mass to control 30 people at a time at the registration desk and someone like Gudi to go around and keep everything in check, run extremely fast errands, sing songs and do jigs on the wireless network to keep everyone (but mostly himself) amused. Nisheeth should also be credited with doing a fair amount of organizing and coordinating even though he was never asked to. He believes in ‘We, not I’ and cares about the quality of things going on around him.


Rungta is just quintessential to Exun. I can’t imagine Exun 2004 without Rungta and I don’t think anyone else can either. This quiet Head Programmer of ours doesn’t enjoy recruiting members but he does his job nonetheless, and when he does it, he does it well. Also, you really have to have a really big heart to actually come and offer your 15� IBM (thin, sleek, black) LCD screen to Exun for two whole days, knowing that it can possibly get stolen or broken.

Hema Ma’am

She simply completes Exun. Last year, we didn’t have her ‘touch’, the little nuances that miss Mukesh Sir’s eyes always stop short under her careful gaze.

Aviral, Digvijay

They whine just a bit, but they are essential for those little extremely critical messages that the tenthies and ninthies with their bloated egos, don’t want to send. Aviral and Digvijay, along with Saumya, were the fastest and most efficient runners, and were always ready for jobs.

Swati Tuteja

She is one of the quietest, sweetest and most-hardworking people in Exun. I don’t know what I can say more about her, except that she did anything and everything that she was asked to, and with aplomb.

Bhavya Khanna

He did his job just as well as he was expected to do it, with all the dude-like additions that accompany him inadvertently. Brilliant fellow, wonderful job!

Swati Gupta

Excellent girl! We can never have enough people like her in Exun. Intelligent, and most importantly, diligent.

Raman Khatri

A person who I think was genuinely concerned about doing his job, and doing it well. Hats off to “Khatri” at the Help Desk.

Gaurav Misra

A job well done regarding photography today (and general attitude towards life, the universe and everything); I think I had misjudged him earlier. Being out of Digex is probably the best for him, because I noticed a complete change of attitude (towards the positive side) while he was working at Exun, especially on the second day.

Gaurav Maken

I have completely changed my opinion about him. He’s a very nice person indeed, much more than he appears to be. Anyone who thinks negatively of him should have seen him at Exun. He always did what he was asked to, never said “no� and was more dedicated than some of our members also.

Vrinda Maheshwari

Thanks for showing up and helping me write the “report speech thingy� – couldn’t have done it without you at the time, as my mind was clouded with other stuff.

Joseph Sir

He is an extremely active and efficient person, not to mention extremely knowledgeable and intelligent. Most importantly, he always gets your job done.


A big THANK YOU to J. Apte, J. Jain, J. Rastogi, J. Mittal, J. Mittal, J. Mahajan, J. Mittal, CJ. Wadhwa, J. Gupta, J. Rangarajan, J. Singh, J. Kharbanda, J. “Accompanying J. Kharbanda”, and J. Behoora. A Panda wanted to judge Exun but because of geographical restrictions and low-speed connections, he couldn’t.

I can’t remember anything else to write right now; I had planned to write how Exun 2005 can be better, but that’ll be in another entry.

In the meanwhile Access 2004 is coming up, people please check the previous entry and post comments on it.



Access 2004< ?xml:namespace prefix = o />

List of Events


Name of Event

No of Teams

Students per Team

Open Event:

Class: All


Software Display




Group Discussion




The Gaming Zone




Story Writing




Surprise Event




Class: XI & XII










Ad Mag








Class: IX & X










Juke Box



Sub Junior:

Class: VI, VII & VIII






Multimedia Presentation




Web Page Designing




Class: V & below






Power Point Presentation




Fancy Dress Competition




X, Y : Number of teams and participants to be announced on the spot.

Open : Any Number of teams can participate.

General Rules:

1. It should be made sure that participants DO NOT register for events that may possibly clash.

2. The schools must send one of their representatives during the registration time each day to register for the events of that day.

3. Judges’ decisions are final in all events. Rules are subject to change. Please visit our site for any such changes.

Please Note:

Software Display/Multimedia Presentation: Software/Installation CD’s (no floppy please) must be submitted on the first day of Registration along with well-formatted documentation and/or source-code.

Events for Access 2004 are posted below. For more details log on to Also, I think there is a time clash between Senior and Junior Quiz so pick one!
Schedule will be posted later or you can log onto their site.

–Cheerio (Manas)

Welcome to Exun 2004

On behalf of everyone in the Exunclan, to all participants visiting lnexun, Welcome to Exun 2004!

For the next two days, please feel free to post brickbats, bouquets, and whatever else you’d like to throw our way on the natural log of Exun, we’d greatly appreciate it.

Have a great couple of days.

From us, not I.


Duty List

Click here to view the Duty List

Classroom Duty – E-Block First Floor

AVH Duty – In the AVH

Lab Duty – In the Computer Basement

Remember people, in whichever class you are, don’t object to any instruction given by anyone who’s senior to you and do it at once. Gursartaj, Dhruv and Abhishek Suri are the Coordinators. If you don’t listen to them, then expect to hear from the Presidents. On the day of Exun, the Judges are the supreme beings, and their orders have to be given First Preference.


PS: If I’ve missed anyone, please tell me.

Monday Tests

This is a very important announcement to all exun members.


Please study for it.

On a brighter note, for class 12, it’s an English Monday test, so enjoy life anyhow.

The rest of you, nyah nyah.

Your friendly neighbourhood Spokesblah!

Young Talent Search in Computer Programming 2004

It seemed to be an extremely professional competition until we actually participated in it. The questions are here for you to download. There are plenty of problems in the questions, and there are wrong examples too. So do not blame me if you find the questions are meaningless. Try out the questions, you should be able to solve the 1st and the 3rd question.

GD Auditions

Monday, from One Fifteen to One Forty Five. All those interested, please come to the Egurucool lab EXACTLY at the required time. I don’t even begin to consider unpunctual vagabonds.

The topic will be declared on the spot, and if you show up a bit early, you might get a few extra mins to think about it.

Rightio, not much else.

Your friendly neighbourhood SpokesBlah!