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IT@CuttingEdge 2012

The second edition of the annual Inter-DPS IT Festival, IT@Cutting Edge was held on Saturday 4th August 2012, at Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram. The event saw massive participation and was hailed as a resounding success. DeCryptonite, an online cryptic hunt, was held over two days and had 2182 participants from 47 DPS Schools. The onsite event garnered a participation of more than 150 students across 25 schools under the aegis of the DPS Society. Along with DeCryptonite, there was another competitive event, Inst@nt dZine which tested the website and graphic designing skills of participants. Several workshops were also held for educating the students on IT skills, including Game Programming Logic, which was conducted by an outstanding Exun Alumni – Rishabh Marya; Web Designing session taken by multifaceted ex-Exun geek Bhuwan Khattar; Robotics session was taken by the robotics teacher Ajitkumar K.G. with his team of students from robotic club and Graphics & Animation session was taken by creative Exun members – Sibesh and Trijeet. A Mock Parliament Session was also held which helped students express, share and discuss their views on “Impact of INTERNET on modern form of LEARNING”. The mock parliament session was conducted by ex-Exun presidents Kush Agrawal (batch of 2011), Aishwarya Kane (batch of 2012) and Dhruv Kumar (batch of 2007). The workshops were enriching experience for all the participants as the information and examples shared in them were interesting, simple and completely in different format from any other resources available elsewhere. At the closing ceremony, Dr. D.R. Saini, Principal, D.P.S. R.K.Puram spoke about importance of IT in the modern life and how it makes decision making transparent and impartial. He quoted the example of sports in Olympics, where all the decisions are taken with the help of technology tools, which can not be challenged, and there is no room for wrong judgement. He praised the efforts of participants and organisers for making this event a grand success. Mrs. Renu Mittal, Director, D.P.S. Society, who was gracing the occasion thanked the principal, the computer department and the computer club “ExunClan” of DPS RK Puram for hosting the DPS Society event wonderfully and congratulated everyone. She also emphasised upon the usage of technology in learning of various languages and asked all the students to share their views on participating in IT events, which inculcate linguistic skills. At the end of the event, certificates and awards were given to the participants of various schools. All in all, it was a memorable Saturday, where learning and fun merged together seamlessly and left everyone wanting for more.

3D in VB Fast Track Workshop 2

Date : August 6, 2008
Time : 09:00 am to 11:30 am
Venue : Computer Lab – 4

What is DirectX?
The DirectX SDK and 3D Engines.
What is a Scene.
Keyboard/Mouse Input – DirectInput.
Faces, Vectors and Points.
Creating primitive Shapes.
Texturing,Bump Mapping and Blending Modes.
3D Model Files – MDL, MD2, BSB, X , 3DS
Loading Models from file.
Landscape generation.
Atmospheric effects/Particle systems.

Creating a Menu.
Creating a World.
Application of Vector/Matrix Algebra and Trigonometry.
Creating a SkyBox
Loading the Actors.
Collision Detection.
Keyboard/Mouse Input.
Finalizing a Game.