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Sky Drives

You must be using Pen/Flash Drives for storing/sharing data.Now, you can have Free Online Storage and access it anytime, anywhere using SKYDRIVE. Windows Live Skydrive is a Free Online Storage facility offered by Microsoft at The service currently offers 5GB of free storage, with a maximum upload file size of 50MB. Skydrive allows users to upload their files on the Internet and then access them from a web browser (Internet Explorer), It uses Computing Cloud storage model – a model of networked data storage where data is stored on multiple virtual servers, generally hosted by third parties) The Skydrive service utilizes Hotmail / Windows Live ID to limit access to the files the user has uploaded, allowing them to keep the files private, share with contacts, or make the files public. Publicly-shared files do not require a Windows Live ID to access.Optionally, an ActiveX tool can be installed to allow drag-and-drop uploading from Windows Explorer. Up to five files can be uploaded each time if that ActiveX tool has not been installed.

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