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House of Hackers

The house of hackers is actually a social networking platform but can be best described as a hacker community network.

The community is intended to support the hacker culture, mindset, way of life, ideologies, political views, etc. and the web site states in bold that they do not support criminal activity.

The Web site describes a “hacker” as someone, people express admiration for his/her work, skills, creative edge, cleverness, uniqueness, intelligence, etc. Supporting this is their tagline, “I want to talk to these people because they stay in power.”

What make this site unique as a hacker networking Web site are some useful features like Events, Plug-ins, and Network Extensions, and the Hacker Recruitment Network.

Through the events feature, if you run an event and would like to get a rough idea how many people will attend, then this will be helpful. When someone sets up an event on the site, event organizers can contact members directly and arrange any further details regarding entrance fees, etc.

Everyone can write applications, widgets, and extensions for the network. It is all free and based on Open Social. The Hacker Recruitment Network on HH, organizations/companies to be able to hire some of the world’s most talented information security experts, but not only hackers in general, says the Web site.(lets hope so)

The hacker community also proves to be useful in business research or advice or developing customized software for particular needs.They allow companies to sponsor the social network for a minimal fee.
To visit the site,click on the following link: