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Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview Launched

Microsoft has launched it’s release preview version for Windows 8.

Windows 8 is expected to be stable for tablets which may compete with other tablet & mobile devices, iOS & Android.

Windows 8 is a new operating system by microsoft with a whole new concept.

It has nice metro UI & boots faster than previous version of windows.

Programmers who are interested in making applications for Windows 8 may download the release from

Since this is not the final version, I recommend running it in a virtual machine so that your host operating system is not affected.





Microsoft Dreamspark now for High School!

Microsoft launched the High School version of DreamSpark a while back. DreamSpark is all about enabling students; nothing more. Now you can download professional Microsoft developer, designer, and gaming software through DreamSpark at no charge. Infact I’ve been playing around with Visual Studio 2008 and XNA Game Studio 3.0 that I got with my DreamSpark DVD, and it’s good to use such MS product(s) that aren’t pirated, for once! 😛

So, to get started:

  • Talk to the high school administrator and find out if the school is a part of the program. I guess Mukesh Sir would’ve already registered DPS RKP. 🙂
  • If isn’t enrolled in DreamSpark, tell them about the program and ask them to come to this website and sign-up today!

Of course there is the standard DreamSpark. Microsoft professional-level developer and design tools for students at no charge.

Go ahead and check it out. Maybe someone could download them from the net and share it with everyone, and each of you can get your own license keys.

Have fun!

Rasagy Sharma
Microsoft Student Partner,
BITS Pilani Goa

Bill Gates: Looking Back, Moving Ahead

Bill Gates stepped down as chief software architect of Microsoft , and retired from his day-to-day role at Microsoft, the company he co-founded and led for most of the past 30 years.

Click on the link below to watch videos that look back to the story of Bill Gates from his early years, to founding Microsoft and what lies ahead for him and the company he started.