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Introducing Exun Demos

At Exun Clan, We’ve always recognized great talented and innovation. In order to achieve this on a larger scale, this year, we’re introducing a new segment – Exun Demos. Exun Demos is a platform for budding and indie level developers to showcase their innovative platforms / apps and publicize their creation in front of a wide audience. Be it a utility, platform or game – If you’re an app developer with something that can totally awe the audience, then this is a perfect opportunity for you!  Registrations for speaker apps close on 20th November, 2016.

Register here.

MINET 2012 – Overall Runners Up

Delhi Public School R. K. Puram participated at MINET 2012 organized by The Mother’s International School on Saturday, 18th August. Exunclan was adjudged Overall Runners Up for the event. The individual results were as follows:

Quiz – Winners

  • Rohan Nagpal
  • Vidur Butalia
Programming – Runners Up
  • Barun Patra
  • Mohit Sharma
Creative Event – Runners Up
  • Trijeet Mukhopadhyay
  • Abhishek Biswal

IT@CuttingEdge 2012

The second edition of the annual Inter-DPS IT Festival, IT@Cutting Edge was held on Saturday 4th August 2012, at Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram. The event saw massive participation and was hailed as a resounding success. DeCryptonite, an online cryptic hunt, was held over two days and had 2182 participants from 47 DPS Schools. The onsite event garnered a participation of more than 150 students across 25 schools under the aegis of the DPS Society. Along with DeCryptonite, there was another competitive event, Inst@nt dZine which tested the website and graphic designing skills of participants. Several workshops were also held for educating the students on IT skills, including Game Programming Logic, which was conducted by an outstanding Exun Alumni – Rishabh Marya; Web Designing session taken by multifaceted ex-Exun geek Bhuwan Khattar; Robotics session was taken by the robotics teacher Ajitkumar K.G. with his team of students from robotic club and Graphics & Animation session was taken by creative Exun members – Sibesh and Trijeet. A Mock Parliament Session was also held which helped students express, share and discuss their views on “Impact of INTERNET on modern form of LEARNING”. The mock parliament session was conducted by ex-Exun presidents Kush Agrawal (batch of 2011), Aishwarya Kane (batch of 2012) and Dhruv Kumar (batch of 2007). The workshops were enriching experience for all the participants as the information and examples shared in them were interesting, simple and completely in different format from any other resources available elsewhere. At the closing ceremony, Dr. D.R. Saini, Principal, D.P.S. R.K.Puram spoke about importance of IT in the modern life and how it makes decision making transparent and impartial. He quoted the example of sports in Olympics, where all the decisions are taken with the help of technology tools, which can not be challenged, and there is no room for wrong judgement. He praised the efforts of participants and organisers for making this event a grand success. Mrs. Renu Mittal, Director, D.P.S. Society, who was gracing the occasion thanked the principal, the computer department and the computer club “ExunClan” of DPS RK Puram for hosting the DPS Society event wonderfully and congratulated everyone. She also emphasised upon the usage of technology in learning of various languages and asked all the students to share their views on participating in IT events, which inculcate linguistic skills. At the end of the event, certificates and awards were given to the participants of various schools. All in all, it was a memorable Saturday, where learning and fun merged together seamlessly and left everyone wanting for more.

e-Lite 2012 Final results

The first phase of e-Lite 2012, the intra-school IT  competition, was held on 14th-17th May, 2012.

Junior Quiz final

The results for the Exun e-Lite 2012 Junior Quiz Final Event held on 17th May, 2012 are as follows:

  1. Shagun Goel (VIII K) and Saumitra Khullar (VIII K)
  2. Ananay Arora (VIII A) and Hardik Kumar (VIII A)
  3. Ananay Agarwal (VIII H) and Akshat Prakash (VIII H)

Crossword final

The results for the Exun e-Lite 2012 Junior Crossword Final Event held on 17th May, 2012 are as follows:

  1. Ananay Agarwal (VIII H) and Akshat Prakash (VIII H)
  2. Shagun Goel (VIII K) and Saumitra Khullar (VIII K)
  3. Arpit Kalla (VIII H) and Keshav Makker (VIII K)

Creative Event

Due to the subjective nature of the competition, no positions can be awarded. However, the following is a list of participants whose work was appreciated by the judges :

  • Chaitanya Vaish (VIII F) – Video Editing
  • Hardik Kumar (VIII A) – 3D Modelling, Digital Imaging
  • Isha Arora (VI D) and Medhavi Sabherwal (VI A) – Powerpoint Presentation, Digital Imaging

Group Discussion

The results for the Exun e-Lite 2012 Group Discussion event are as follows:

1.*Shagun Goel (VIII K
1. Shashwat Goel (VI F)
2. Renasha Mishra (VIII H)
3. Aaryaman Batra (VIII H)


Junior Programming

The results for the Exun e-Lite 2012 Junior Programming event are as follows:

  1. Dev Shaurya Singhal (VIII D)
  2. Shashwat Goel (VI F)
  3. Aaryaman Batra (VIII H)
  4. Aadya Varma (VII L)

Final list of members :

Inducted members :

  • Dev Shaurya Singhal (VIII D)
  • Chaitanya Vaish (VIII F)
  • Shashwat Goel (VI F)

Prospective members (To be interviewed in July) :

  • Hardik Kumar (VIII A)
  • Ananay Arora (VIII A)
  • Renasha Mishra (VIII H)
  • Aadya Varma (VII C)
  • Aaryaman Batra (VIII H)
  • Isha Arora (VI D)
  • Medhavi Sabherwal (VI A)

Congratulations to all!

Exun 2011 – Day 2

Click here for pictures from Day 1

Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram organized its 16th annual computer symposium, Exun 2011, on 19th and 20th of November. The event surpassed all expectations, with a participation of more than 1000 students from 50 schools of Delhi and the NCR.

Day one started with the lighting of the lamp. The Principal, Dr. D. R Saini welcomed all the guests. There was a scintillating performance by the Exun band and the techie intro video was presented. The air was thick with anticipation and excitement as the symposium got off to a good start, and the participants dispersed for their respective events. The first day’s events consisted of the Group Discussion, Creative Event, Hardware and Benchmarking, as well as the preliminary rounds of the Senior and Junior Quizzes, Crossword and Gaming, whereas the second day comprised the final rounds of the Senior Quiz, Junior Quiz, Crossword, Hardware/Benchmarking and Gaming, as well as the Surprise Event, Programming and Swat The Bug. Each events’ updates and results were made available online on the immediately after completion of each of the events for the convenience of the participants.

While all the events conducted on the school premises saw a high level of talent and enthusiasm, the highlight of Exun 2011 was its 4 day long (13 Nov- 16 Nov, 2011) online event, SudoCrypt. This event was open to international participation. With registrations running into thousands, the event garnered more than two lakh hits on the site from over 30 countries including USA, UK, France and UAE. The first 25 rank holders of SudoCrypt received Expert Sudo International Rank Certificates and the Rank 1 received a HCL ME Pad as special prize.

The events at Exun provided a platform to each tech-enthusiast student to test his/her creative, logical and analytical skills. The host school was non-competitive and the Overall Trophy of Exun 2011 was won by DPS Dwarka. The symposium was a great experience for everyone present. It was coordinated by Mr. Mukesh Kumar, Head of Computer Department and his dedicated team of teachers. Exun 2011 more than lived up to expectations, and provided each and every person present there with some great memories.

Exun 2011 Events Pics

Exun 2011 Concluding Ceremony

Exun 2011 Official Video

IT@CuttingEdge 2011

Delhi Public School, R.K.Puram organised an Inter-DPS IT festival, IT@CuttingEdge on August 6, 2011 under the aegis of DPS Society. The fest consisted of three on-site events: the Junior Quiz, the Senior Quiz and Inst@nt dZine (a website and graphic designing event), as well as an online event, DeCryptonite. The online event ran for a full month, from 5th July to 1st August, and entailed a cryptic treasure hunt where students had to make their way through more than 30 online levels of increasing difficulty. DeCryptonite received a tremendous response from DPS schools across the country. Although the event started off with about 500 participants, the numbers soon began running into thousands, with over 6000 registrations being received from 62 DPS schools. The hunt was applauded by all, and ended with a total active participation of 3551.

During the on-site phase of the festival, 25 schools with over 140 participants exhibited their expertise in the field of IT and digital design in the three events. All three events saw extremely close competition, with teams trying their best to come out on top. DPS RK Puram, being the host school, remained non-competitive. The students and teachers of the school were a part of the organisation and judging of the event.

The Closing Ceremony was graced by the presence of Shri Ashok Chandra, Chairman DPS Society, Mrs. Renu Mittal, Director DPS Society, and Dr. D.R. Saini, Principal of DPS RK Puram. Dr. Saini expressed his thanks to the DPS Society for encouraging the festival, and spoke to the students about the importance of using technology appropriately.

Mrs. Renu Mittal too addressed the gathering, highlighting the need to show the sportsman spirit in competition and appreciating the efforts put into organising the fest.

The final round of the Senior Quiz was held in the presence of the distinguished guests, allowing them to glimpse the cutthroat competition that prevailed.

Prior to the award distribution, Shri Ashok Chandra shared his thoughts with the students, commending the effort put in by DPS RK Puram and the exceptionally high standard of the event and expressing his confidence and pride in the participants. He spoke about the importance of technology in modern education and the need to be followed rather than follow, leaving the students with his inspiring thoughts on constantly being innovative and striving for excellence.

The entire IT festival was a true example of human networking and technological growth.

Closing Video

Photo Album

ln(exun) – Now on Android!

After a lot of procrastination, Exun Clan finally has an application on the Android Market.
It’s compatible with all versions of Android released after v1.6, and also has support for multi-touch devices.

Download it here.

(For people viewing this via an Android device, simply click to download and install.)

An ln(exun) mobile application is also available for those who use the Symbian s60v5 OS.
Click here to Download it.

Have Fun!

Tech Edge 2010

Experts Unlimited
Experts Unlimited

Organisers/Event Venue:
Birla Vidya Niketan, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Dr Ambedkar Nagar, New Delhi

Date of the Event:

Senior Programming – WINNERS

  • Sakshi Gupta (XII)
  • Rishabh Marya (XI)


  • Aditya Jain (XII)
  • Rohan Nagpal (X)

Exun 2008

We got the overall First Position in Exun, 2008, organized by our own school. DPS RKPuram being the host team, handed over the trophy to the runners up, DPS Vasant Kunj.

The details of the final results are as follows:

Senior Quiz (1st position)

  1. Aditya Grover
  2. Karthikeya Asthana
  3. Vishesh Kumar

Senior Quiz (2nd position)

  1. Aditya Jain
  2. G. Siddarth
  3. Sameer Mittal

Gaming – Fifa (2nd position)

  1. Aviral Goyal

Crossword (3rd position)

  1. Aditya Jain
  2. Sameer Mittal

Programming (3rd position)

  1. Rahul Bhatnagar
  2. Sajal Jain

Junior Quiz (First Position)

  1. Aditya Grover
  2. Aditya Jain
  3. Vishesh Kumar

Junior Quiz (Second Position)

  1. Dhananjay Goel
  2. Rohan Nagpal
  3. Tanay Padhi

Surprise Event – Digital Imaging (First position)

  1. Pranav Obhrai
  2. Shubham Goel

Group Discussion (Third position)

  1. Samarth Mathur

You could get the archive of the JQ, SQ, and the crossword from here.
Also, you could check out more detailed results over here.