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MTV releases ALL its music videos online

In a move that might be aimed to take on YouTube (or maybe not) MTV has started MTV MUSIC, a service that supposedly provides all the music videos that MTV has (or ever had since its beginning) online and that too for FREE. New videos are being added daily, so even if your favourite videos aren’t there yet, they probably soon will be.

The service is rumoured to be available only in the US, but so far, all the videos I’ve tried to view have worked for me.

The videos can be embedded on your site, and they’ve also released a developer’s API 😀

Firefox 3 RC1 Released

Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 has been released. This basically means that they’ve locked all the features and only the bug fixes are left.

For those of you who haven’t tried out any of the betas, Firefox 3 has some new features, notably the improvements to the bookmarking system and the address bar. It’s also (supposedly) a lot more stable and fast.

As far as memory consumption issues are concerned, I haven’t really noticed any improvements – it still consumes over 200 megs, which was pretty much what Fx 2 was doing with the same number of tabs (50+).

I also don’t think much of the new interface. While Fx 2 was rather plain and old-looking, at least it was neat. Fx 3’s UI seems to be a mix of new and ancient looking icons. While the new address bar has some nice features, the styling doesn’t seem to promote much usability. The download manager, incidentally, isn’t styled at all (weird).

Other issues include virtually none of my extensions working with this build. Although that isn’t unexpected (it’s not the final version, after all) I remember there weren’t so many issues when Fx 2 RC1 came out. I also have a quirky problem with bookmarking. When I bookmark all open tabs, it randomly misses out a few.

You can check out the Firefox 3 Release Candidate Release Notes here. In case you just want to try out Firefox 3 without replacing your current version, try Firefox 3 RC1 Portable.

MINET 2007

Date: 11th and 12th August 2007
Anant Jain
Abhijit Das

Team 1
Manas Gautam
Bharat Agarwal

Team 2
Ananth Govind Rajan
Sahil Bajaj

Digital Photography
Aviral Goyal
Aditya Jain


Web Designing
Vansh Muttreja
Sahil Bajaj

Digvijay Singh

Showcase Your Dream

Surprise Event
Akul Dayal
Ishaan Chugh

Urgent: Exun Member Photos

The following members must report on Thursday (12 July) during BREAK for their photos to be taken for the exunclan website:

Radhika Malik
Ankit Srivastava
Kunal Singh
Akshay Talwar
Srajan Mani Rastogi
Ananth Govind Rajan
Nachiketa Dash
Kanika Singh
Mini Saxena
R. Dwarkesh
Shubham Goel
Rishabh Marya
Tanay Padhi
Adideva Sekhri
Utkarsh Ohm

All members are also requested to update their details (contact info, class, section, etc) in the Exun Members Google spreadsheet.