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Exun 2011!

Dear Exunclan,

It was great to be at Exun 2011, after missing 2010.

This year was even more special because I was coming (all the way) from Mumbai! It took me back to my first ever Exun, 2001!

The energy and the enthusiasm are so contagious, that it made me forego my hard-earned (:P) sleep!

Thanks for having me there! and hope to be back soon!

And before i forget, thanks to Raghav Khullar, Aditya Grover, Aditya Jain, Sampoorna Biswas and Ankur Banerjee for helping out with the quiz and crossword. It wouldn’t have been possible without them.



Web developer required

Hi Guys

I call upon you for a high priority task.

My senior colleague from work needs a highly skilled web developer for a website he wants to make.

It’s going to be heavy on media content and interactivity so skills around that would be required.

It’s going to be a massive job and there would be a lot of stuff to be done in the next 7 weeks.

You will be handsomely rewarded.

Please get in touch with ASAP if you think you are up for the challenge