e-Lite 2017 Schedule and Updates

1. All events have an onsite preliminary and final round, EXCEPT Creative Event which has an online prelim round and an onsite final round.
2. Creative Event Prelims prompt can be found at exun.co/prompt
3. Schedule for the onsite preliminary rounds has been uploaded at exun.co/elite
4. There’s only one combined paper for senior quiz and crossword, and junior quiz and crossword. There is NO separate paper for crossword.
5. Group discussion will go from 2 – 4 pm and will be held in different slots. Hence, you can easily take part in other events without missing out the GD.
6. The consent form can either be submitted in the e-Gurukul Lab or can be printed, filled, scanned and sent to [email protected] with the participant’s name and class-section in the subject.

We, Not I.

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