Interview with Ms.Aashima Nagpal

What do you think of Quantum Computing?

Quantum Computing has the potential to revolutionize the industries.The vast increase in power could revolutionize fields such as medicine, space exploration, and artificial intelligence. Quantum computers are more human-like in their problem solving approach, and that will make them better able to complement human tasks.

How do you view Game development as a career?

Excellent career in today’s time. It helps you develop your creative and programming skills. I recommend starting with something that doesn’t involve coding, such as Scratch, or Game Maker. They both offer tutorials and ample resources to teach yourself and explore your creativity.

What do you think of the recent advancement of 3D printing industry?

The main strength of 3D printing lies in the fact that it gives you the freedom to make customized products.3D printing is already being used in making customized dental caps, prosthetic eyeballs and femur and facial reconstruction for a fraction of a cost of the traditional manufacturing components.

This technology will lead to a paradigm shift in the coming 2-3 decades in the manufacturing where design will become the key and not the manufacturing method. This is probably too futuristic, but then I am quite confident of the same.


Aashima Nagpal

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