Interview with Mr. Mukesh Nagpal


  • How are Google apps useful for education?

The most interesting fact about the Google apps is if you can type, you can use, which emphasizes their ease of use. The Apps are designed to provide organisations with a safe platform for data, offering better security and reliability than most schools could achieve on their own. Moreover, the apps include dozens of security features specifically designed to keep data safe, secure and in your control. It has removed the bottlenecks and and now we can spend more time on learning and teaching, making it an ideal environment for learning. Fast and easy collaborations now help students to display their creativity in learning. Google Docs and Google Classroom are the best examples which allow users to access files via mobile phones, even the Apple iPad, and of course from desktop computers and notebooks.

  • How can automation (use of robots) affect job opportunities in IT fields?

Present day automation is affecting the job markets in a big way. Many people are of the idea that it will reduce the job opportunities while others are of the view that in the near future the requirement of IT specialists will outnumber the supply. I personally believe that the use of automation in the field of IT will generate more job opportunities for skilled people in all fields, in the years to come.

  • What do you feel about virtual reality?

“The world of the computer was something behind the screen, before,” but now VR gives people a way to enter it. The truth is that Virtual Reality is likely to fundamentally change how people communicate and create a social impact as big as the telephone or the internet.


-Mukesh Nagpal

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