Interview with Mr. Ajit Kumar

1.What are the specific fields where technology can be used for social welfare?

1) There are a variety of fields where technology can be used for social welfare. The internet can be used to connect to depressed people, discuss their problems and calm them down. This can actually help in reducing the number of suicide cases among both school students as well as other people.

2.How can artificial intelligence be useful for defense forces like drones,etc?

2) Drones and other surveillance systems employ the use of artificial intelligence to a large extent. AI is used to create autonomous machines that can perform a variety of tasks and can be controlled remotely. They have the feature to learn and store experiences and create databases corresponding to them, thus creating an integrated expert system.

3.What will be the job opportunities for those who want to pursue robotics?

3) Engineers and robotics specialists are being employed to create and control comprehensive systems that are taking over in fields such as space exploration, industrial manufacturing, defense, expert systems in medicines and many others. There is a high demand for personnel trained in robotics in these fields, and robotics is slowly taking over from their human counterparts in these fields.


-Ajit Kumar

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