Exun e-lite Senior Programming Finals 2013

The e-lite Senior Programming Finals are being held on Friday. Here are the details.

  • Venue:  Shogun Lab
  • Duration: 6th to 9th Periods

The following(SP Prelim Qualifiers) are required to report to the designated venue with a pen and a notebook.

  • Abhishek Anand X H and Rahul Shekhar X H
  • Markendey Khanna X G and Vibhu Pandey X G
  • Aditya Khandelwal XI D and Mrinal Mittal XI D
  • Shubhi Agrawal XI H and Mallika Gokarn XI F
  • Anant Sharma XI G
  • Kartikey Khullar IX B and Aryaman Dubey IX M
  • Shubham Johri IX D and Karan Choudhary IX K
  • *Shagun Goel IX and Ananay Agarwal IX
  • *Parth Mittal XI

Participants kindly note that the finals are going to be computer-based and will require the syntactical knowledge of programming languages like C++ and Visual Basic (Python and Java MAY be made available if required).

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