Exun e-Lite 2013 Junior Programming Final Results

The e-Lite 2013 Junior Programming Finals were held on 25th April 2013. After further judgement, the following students have been inducted into Exun:

  • Aman Verma      VII-A
  • Shivastu Kartik  VII-A

Congratulations to all the Inductees!

4 thoughts on “Exun e-Lite 2013 Junior Programming Final Results

  1. Mukesh sir said I am inducted after i gave the interview for Junior Programming a week ago. I still dont see this updated on the site. Why?

  2. A week ago, I was called to Mmukesh sir’s office and I was interviewed and the next day I as told that I am inducted. But I still dont see anything on the site.

    PS: The interview was for Junior Programming

    1. We will soon have an updated post with the list of final inductees. Keep checking till then.

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