Exun e-Lite 2013 Day 1 Results

The following students have cleared the first round in e-Lite 2013 and have been shortlisted. They are required to watch this site for further details regarding the selection procedure. The results are in no specific order.The qualified students are:

Junior Quiz Prelim Results

  • Anirudh Goyal VIII-D and Aditya Varshney VIII-A
  • Shashwat Goel VII-F and Anish Sairam VII-F
  • Udbhav Seth VIII-K and Kanuraj Beri VIII-K
  • Piyush Pant VIII-K and Abheeshek Gupta VIII-K
  • Ayush Singla VIII-H and Arnav Singh VIII-H
  • Sudhanshu Agarwal VIII-J and Anushuman Dinit VIII-J
  • The finals shall be held in the 6th and 7th periods in the AVH.

Senior Quiz Prelim Results

  • Aaryaman Baid IX-I and Harsh Dhillon IX-F*
  • Aveneel Wadhwa IX-G and Dev Shaurya Singhal IX-L*
  • Ranjith Ramkishore IX-B and Tanoy Majumdar IX-M*
  • Anubhav Sachdeva XI-K and Joy Sachdeva XI-G*
  • Vajrakaran Sachdev XI-G*
  • Tejas Sachdeva XI-G and Abhinav Bahl XI-G
  • Pranav Sethi XI-C and Avichal Rakesh XI-H
  • Aryaman Dubey IX-M and Pradyumn Bangera IX-M
  • Prateek Swain XI-H and Sanjay Menon XI-JThe finals shall be held in the 8th and 9th periods in the AVH.  

*Teams marked with a star are tied. The tie shall be settled using a tie breaker just before the quiz final in the AVH itself.


Senior Programming Prelim Results

  • Abhishek Anand X H and Rahul Shekhar X H
  • Markendey Khanna X G and Vibhu Pandey X G
  • Aditya Khandelwal XI D and Mrinal Mittal XI D
  • Shubhi Agrawal XI H and Mallika Gokarn XI F
  • Anant Sharma XI G
  • Kartikey Khullar IX B and Aryaman Dubey IX M
  • Shubham Johri IX D and Karan Choudhary IX K

The location for the programming finals will be announced soon.

Hardware Prelim Results

  • Shikhar Shivam X J
  • Yashwin Ghosh XI H
  • Aditya Garg X J
  • Pranav Sethi XI C

The hardware finals will be held tomorrow in the AVH in the 6th period.
More to be announced soon.

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