Exun 2011

Exun 2011 dates finalised… 19th-20th November 2011
All the participating Geeks and Creative Experts – Mark these dates in your calendars.

From Exun

Exun 2011 Ingredients:

  • Senior Quiz
  • Junior Quiz
  • Crossword
  • Programming
  • Swat The Bug
  • Gaming
  • Creative Event
  • Group Discussion
  • Surprise Event
  • Hardware/Benchmarking
  • SudoCrypt (Online Event)

Updates on the same are available at exunclan.com

Online Registration started on 29th October 2011

9 thoughts on “Exun 2011

  1. Due to lot of other CONSTRAINTS, there is no possibility of change of dates of Exun 2011… ALL THE BEST to ALL THE POTENTIAL PARTICIPANTS!!!

    Exun 2011 as per schedule on 19-20 November 2011.

    Registrations OPEN – Just go live on http://www.exunclan.com for registrations!

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