Its that time of the year again – EXUN 2010.

Yes, we’re back again! A glorious new year. An amazing new event. The name is the same, but the game has changed. After the epochal success of Exun 2009, how could we complacently sit back and relax? We are back with a new stage, and of course, with greater challenges for our participants. All our hard work and effort will gain eminence in just a few days, and honestly, we are as excited as you are, to participate in EXUN 2010.

As our new administration stepped in this year, we boldly took up the task of delivering an event of incredibly grand proportions. It wasn’t an onerous one, because we love what we do. But challenging? Yes, it was. Year after year, Exun is considered as the “Best Computer Symposium” across schools in Delhi and NCR. We don’t mean to gloat, but this is one laud that we’re particularly proud of. All schools across the region look forward to registering for Exun, where every computer enthusiast puts his skills to a true test. What defines Exun is the people behind it – a dedicated team of highly motivated individuals working day and night to deliver a fantastic symposium. To check that every cog in our “quality machine” is working fine. When I first joined the Clan, this is what appalled me. Frankly speaking, this is what attracted me to the Clan in the first place, apart for my passion for computers. Sincerity is a common denominator among the diverse Exun members. I call the Clan “diverse”, because each of us thinks differently, and for some inexplicable reason, every Exun member can infallibly deliver a refreshing idea or perspective to any issue at hand. No, this is not an exaggeration, but merely an observation from the point of view of a relatively-new member.

So, this year, we hope that you enjoy Exun 2010. And if  not as winners, then surely as avid participants.

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