EXUN 2009

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 Day 1: A Huge Success!
Hats off to all the EXUN members for their dedication and efforts in making Day 1 a huge success. The AVH was packed to capacity and we received incredible response from schools with registrations pouring in to the last minute. The day went off without a glitch thanks to efficient coordination by Akriti and Arshiya, Presidents at EXUN. Also Mukesh Sir looking over all the activities ensured that the day was pulled off perfectly. Special mention should be made of Kush and Manas for their hardwork. Their efforts were appreciated by all the EXUN members at a meet at the end of the day.

3 thoughts on “EXUN 2009

  1. Gaming clan of Delhi Public School Vasant Kunj challenges your gaming clan to a 5 on 5 in counter strike,full WCG rules,at Zapak Gameplex,Malviya Nagar on 19th December.please email your replies to [email protected]

  2. Guyz plz upload the 1st Prize winning team in programming…every other pic is dere xcept the one that matters to me the most. Plz do it as soon as possible. Thanx.

    Code Warrior

  3. We Accept your challenge for Counter-Stike.(we will reply for the final dates)

    I challenge you for a 5 on 1 Deathmatch in UT 2004.
    The matches will however not be related to EXUN 09

    Thank You
    Mayank Sharma

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