Chuck Norris prefers a Zune over an iPod

Is this THE iPod killer?
Ladies and Gentlemen, we are looking at the Zune HD (or so the internet tells us). Going by the images, it has loads of that oomph factor but the fact remains that its specs are unknown. However likely features are a HD screen (If you have a sane IQ you have figured this out already), An accelerometer (Quite evident by the picture) and since there seems to be only 1 button, its likely to be a touchscreen. 
It will be intresting to know what is the kind of software inside, the price and the capacity of this thing-all of this decides if this thing turns out to be the much awaited iPod killer. According to me, this thing beats the iPod touch hands-down when it comes to looks and a HD screen will simply be a super bonus. Many iPod owners are also disgruntled with Apple’s policy of charging $10-20 for every software upgrade (Downright cheap in my opinion) and are looking for the switch. The industry might be on the threshold of a dynamic change in the PMP market.
PS: There has been much speculation over the Zune in recent days, something totally different.

One thought on “Chuck Norris prefers a Zune over an iPod

  1. You know the zune garnered 2% market share in its launch month which should have been pretty big, but the thing is that no matter what spin you put on it. What can you say?

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