Brush your iPod

One problem with Apple products is that they all look the same. Here is tuitorial to get that ‘different’ look on your iPod. Here are some things that you will need:

1. Your iPod. Or just iPod. Steal one.
2. Scotch Brite (Get a fresh one from the market)
3. Something to clean the metallic surface
Step 1: Clean your iPod’s rear surface
Step 2: Place your iPod on a flat surface and grip it firmly with your second hand
Step 3: Get the scotch brite in your first hand and rub it in an up and down motion. Make sure you rub it right or the you’ll get curved lines.
Step 4: Continue the rubbing part till you think it looks good. You’re done.

14 thoughts on “Brush your iPod

  1. After further reflection I feel I could have done a much better job, and in it’s present condition it is simply not noteworthy. I’m sorry for disappointing you guys.

  2. I’ve seen what people do to their phones. Some of that includes:

    1. One word: Stickers.
    2. Paint.
    3. Permanent markers.
    4. Glass paints.
    5. Whitener.
    6. Nailpolish.

    If anyone is THAT unhappy with their iPods, they can employ above mentioned methods of beautification.

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