Open Source WEEKEND – A thinkquest Entry in 2008


Open source software is more than just software which offers permissions to edit source code. It is no more geek matter as it once used to be. Open source is now ready for the masses as we see it and could give closed source alternatives a run for their money. How? Head on to our pages below to know more and get enlightened!


Open source software does more than just cut costs. May be that is why so many corporations and even nations are increasingly turning towards open source and standardizing them. Why? Head on to the pages below and you would discover the sheer impact open source has made on the software world. Perhaps your favorite applications might soon be all open source!

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT Open Source – Click the link below to view our well wishers’ (Varun Mishra, Ankur Banerjee, Prashanth) ThinkQuest Entry for the year of 2008

I found the site quite informative and well presented.

3 thoughts on “Open Source WEEKEND – A thinkquest Entry in 2008

  1. TQ 08 turned out be quite a disaster for us, as we ended up uploading this fortnight-old version of the site with placeholder images and spelling errors.

  2. Ankur – Nothing is perfect in this WORLD. Whatever is moving in the direction towards perfection – I admire them and salute them because it helps us to Grow further to set are our new Goals higher than what is already achieved….
    Sorry, I forgot to mention your name … added now …

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