Exun 2008-09 Farewell

Hey guys, I will firstly thank ALL of you, for making EXUN so special. The farewell was brilliantly organised and well co-ordinated. Hats off to Akriti, Arshiya, Rishabh, Tanay, Shubham, Pranav and Adidev ofcourse.

Lets face it, EXUN 2008 – 09, learnt to merge fun with work into a seamlessly productive machinery, which left me wishing I had been a part of it for a longer time.
I had my first and last EXUN symposium, and my first and last EXUN farewell this year, and from what I’ve heard, they haven’t been better. I thankfully avoided the EXUN coke( 😀 )and had the pleasure of seeing others drink it. 
Last and not the least I have hung the certificate in my room (ok haven’t yet but plan to) and hope to stay in touch with all of you.
We brought the ‘partayy’ to EXUN.
Special Regards to Mukesh Sir – the founder of EXUN
EXUN truly is Fun UN limited.
Stay in Touch all!
Billoo(AKA Samarth)

8 thoughts on “Exun 2008-09 Farewell

  1. thanks a lot to all you twelfthies who are passing out this yr! it was an amazing batch which lead EXUN this past yr and we’ve learned a LOT from u guys! Best of luck ppl!

    @Billoo: well said man!

  2. well written billoo better than ur speech yesterday….neeways a big thanx to all d twelthies who’ve always been there to support and guide us.you guys seriously rock…EXUN shall try to keep up wid its smooth and efficient functioning this year too.Best of luck for the years to come.

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