Code Wars 2008

ExunClan has bagged the Overall Runners Up trophy at Code Wars 2008, held at DPS Vasant Kunj on the 21st of November. The individual results are as follows-

Surprise Event – First Position

  • Digvijay Singh
  • Tanay Padhi

Programming – Second Position

  • Rahul Bhatnagar
  • Anand Khare

Nice work guys, and its Exun 08 next up!


29 thoughts on “Code Wars 2008

  1. wow. code wars was held quite early this year. i remember last time i was unable to go for it. anyways, excellent work guys! keep the winning streak alive. has access taken place yet?

  2. Hey hey, no position in Quiz or Crossword? What’s happening?

    Unless of course, if Ankur Bannerjee was the quizmaster, then I can understand.

  3. yes ankur banerjee made the paper! facebook status updates! and he mentioned that he was thinking if anyone will be able to solve the paper! eeks.

  4. no quiz or crossword/
    thats rather sad
    whats with access these days, theyve been clashing their dates with ours quite frequently now

  5. in both quiz and crossword we narrowly missed a position.
    we were 4th in quiz and lost by one point in crossword. that considering that the experienced seniors were busy with MUN and underscore and didn’t attend the symposium

  6. Don’t make excuses. You cannot be satisfied without a position in neither. Set your sights on winning the next one. That said, most important thing is to enjoy the thing.

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