EXUN 2008!

EXUN 2008

13TH Annual IT symposium
DATE: 29TH-30TH November, 2008
VENUE: Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram


12 thoughts on “EXUN 2008!

  1. @Rasagy: Thanks! Please try to attend it!
    @Aditya: No, it does fit. Just that it’s supposed to be like that.

  2. pavna and xtreme gaming as far as im aware of! unless i got xtreme gaming spelling wrong and it in fact is extreme gaming!

  3. Hey Hi.
    I’m Manmeet from JKPS.I’ll be taking part in the jr. quiz and crosswords.I hope.

    Anyways I wanted ask that since 29th is a poll-day in Delhi so, will exun surely take place or it might get postponed or something.I’m asking this because our school was kinda reluctant to send the students coz of that.
    So plz reply a.s.a.p and let me know.

  4. Exun had consulted all the concerned authorities before deciding the dates. all arrangements have been made and we have been given permission to hold all unofficial events and all computer symposims are regarded as unofficial events. therefore there are no problems as of such and we are looking forward to participation from you and your esteemed institution.

  5. Well, i’m expected to participate tommorow at ExunClan in Senior Quiz and crosswords. though i’m not that prepared because of lack of time (terminal exams were going on). I’m hoping for best. But let me know how many school are coming at RK puram

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