MIMANSA 2008: Overall Winners

ExunClan has bagged the overall trophy in MIMANSA 2008 held at St.Mary’s School on the 31st July. 2008. The results are as follows-

Weave-Ur-View – First

  • Rishabh Marya
  • Tanay Padhi

Pic-O-Poster – First

  • Manvi Arora
  • Adideva Sekhri

Congratulations to everyone, and let’s hope this is the beginning of a long winning streak!


7 thoughts on “MIMANSA 2008: Overall Winners

  1. congrats.

    Just noticed that that the dpsrkp website has the new dips diary online, great idea.

    Another good thing to do would be to add the names of sections instead of only page numbers in the drop down list. Dont know if any of you were involved but Im sure you can spread the idea.

    Also can someone email me a copy of underscore 2007, i never got to see it.

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