3D in VB Fast Track Workshop

Date : July 3, 2008
Time : 09:00 am to 11:30 am
Venue : Computer Lab – 4

What is DirectX?
The DirectX SDK and 3D Engines.
What is a Scene.
Keyboard/Mouse Input – DirectInput.
Faces, Vectors and Points.
Creating primitive Shapes.
Texturing,Bump Mapping and Blending Modes.
3D Model Files – MDL, MD2, BSB, X , 3DS
Loading Models from file.
Landscape generation.
Atmospheric effects/Particle systems.

Creating a Menu.
Creating a World.
Application of Vector/Matrix Algebra and Trigonometry.
Creating a SkyBox
Loading the Actors.
Collision Detection.
Keyboard/Mouse Input.
Finalizing a Game.

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