Ah, the good times

So i was just going through the exunclan website and went on to the alumni page, and i realised that, well, we’ve been exun alums for a while now(speaking for myself, sid, dhruv, mohit, RG, etc)

and that manas, khullar, and radhika are also alums. 
and then i scrolled down, and saw pictures of the guys that I met during my six years with exun. The likes of Manas Mittal, Mr. W, Shivinder and Gang, etc.
And then I found the picture of Mr. Rahul Merwah. I must really commend Mukesh sir, for finally getting hold of Mr. Merwah. Finally, at least we can see who our founder president was.
And then, when I reached the end of the page, I clicked on next and was directed to the members page.
And i saw pictures of you guys, the current batch and I was thinking.. ohhh. but werent these guys in 10th?. hehe. specially when I saw Kanika’s, Arshiya’s, etc pics. and i was thinking, “par yeh toh ninth mein the”.
Anyway, This post was quite random, but I just want to share how lucky you guys are to be exun members
Good Luck with the year ahead, win lots of trophies and finally try to do that national exun, which every batch tried to do.
Good night

5 thoughts on “Ah, the good times

  1. Right on Gudi (who himself was in 9th/10th :P)! Exun was one of the best things to happen to me when I was at DPS, all courtesy of Mukesh Sir.

    Make full use of the opportunity you guys have got and good luck with the going national thing.

    -Prateek (05 batch)

  2. Felt something similar when I saw their farewell pic 🙂

    Oh n waiting for that National Exun to happen…

    Rasagy Sharma

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