Exun elite 2008 (Programming results)

Exun elite 2008 Junior Programming finals had seven teams and saw intense competition.
The Exun E-Lite Junior and Sub-Junior Programming event was a huge success with overwhelming & unprecedented participation. 35+ teams participated in the Junior category with 10+ teams participated in the Sub-Junior category prelims.

The final result for is as follows:

Junior category

1st position

Pranshu Jain X-D
Karanveer Singh X-G

2nd position

Sakshi Gupta X-K
Anand Khare X-I

3rd position

Sanchit Abrol IX-I
Aman Aggarwal IX-I

Sun-Junior category (in random order)

Class VIII

Ishita Batra VIII F
Ushmita Seth VIII F

Aayush Shatma VIII F
Shreya Mandal VIII F

Rishabh Goel VIII L
Laksh Goel VIII L

Class VII

Amber Pal VII B
Mohit Sharma VII B

Congratulations to all!

Please contact exunclan and provide us with your email so that we can contact you whenever required.

The first position holders in Junior Programming took the Prelims test separately and having top scored in the Prelims they were given the opportunity for the final round and top scored in the finals too.

Junior Programming Finals C++ solutions

Sajal Jain
Rahul Bhatnagar

4 thoughts on “Exun elite 2008 (Programming results)

  1. tragic programming thing, actually. how i wish i read the 5th question in the beginning. we could’ve come first.
    nonetheless, is that how karanveer and pranshu got to the finals? they gave the test separately? :-O

  2. To Sakshi,
    surprisingly 5th question was attempted by your team only.
    Pranshu and Karanveer gave the test in the blossoms basement when the finals of the quiz were going on.

    solutions in vb shall be uploaded shortly.

  3. wow nice… the 5th question was totally easy though.. pleasant surprise… all i had to do was run a loop… sweet and simple… i guess the reason others didn’t go the question was that they thought twas too long… and er it was… 😛
    but yay… 🙂
    so do we get kicked the next time u see us? or are we “decent” junior programmers?

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