After the tremendous response we received from Classes IX and X for Domain Square (D2), it is time for the students of Class XI and XII to prove their mettle in D2-II.
The game: Counter Strike 1.6 is going to be played ;in teams of 4 on a 4 vs 4 format.
The competiton will be held after school hours.
Exun members are allowed to participate in the event.
Rules will be declared on the spot.
D2-II is going to be held in Computer Lab III,F-block Basement on 23rd and 24th April.
Interested teams should email their Team name along with names of the players to [email protected] as soon as possible.
Limited registrations only.

Kartikeya Asthana

6 thoughts on “DOMAIN SQUARE- II

  1. Hi
    I was just on
    and for a beautiful site like taht it has an awfully bad front page with a list of prizes doing the honors. Something exunclan does not need to boast about on the front page. the front page should in my opinion by a lot more basic with hardly any text and maybe a nice flash introduction, the current front page is honestly abysmal and hides the beauty of the otherwise very well created website. I think has a fairly decent front page.

  2. In my opinion a flash homepage is very bad practice. Lots of people do it, but flash splash pages can look really cheesy.

    PS: i like the new favicon for the blog.

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