4 thoughts on “Coming soon:New internet thats 1000 times faster…

  1. yeaah the grid has been on teh card for months now. cern made public tehir intention of tacking the higgs boson about a month or two back and there was speculation that something like teh grid would be supporting it. But cern themselves say that the grid will not be sensible for personal use as the power requirements to run the grid is huge, but the pc back in 1977 wasn’t the cheapest :D.

  2. yea..the grid will not be available for domestic users,its basically for research centres…crap my movie dreams r shattered…:(

  3. hmm you can still have them,
    monsieur bharat and i jointly tend to IMDB. But to get any of out stuff you’ll have to say the word pencil 13 times everyday for three months, and right daily i want movies on a paper without using your hands.

  4. This had to happen sometime and now since its happening,cant wait for it to get commercial! Maybe in 5- 10 years….

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