– Myself in Transition: Outsider to Insider
Exun members . Ah!!! What airs, privileges, pride, importance and what not!!! Ever since I joined the school, Exun has been something of an elusive harbour to me. In fact, much more, at times. In a school, where talent is recognized the hard way, its really difficult to prove yourself; where everyone else is running miles ahead of you and you trying to follow at their heels fail miserably each time you try to get up (Success is always relative! What if you managed to get what you think is a very hard-earned and well-deserved 2nd rank, you are only brushed aside for there is someone who outplayed you.) being in Exun certainly does a world of good as only brainies get into Exun or so is the common perception. Such is the “prestige” of Exun, that a student automatically earns some respite if the name of Exun figures out in the fiction that he burps out after being caught while bunking. But now, at last, this craving has been fulfilled and rest as they say is history. Enough of dwelling on the past. In the words of our wordly-wise Vice Principal, Dr. D. R. Saini, “Past is History, Future is mystery, Present is a gift, Accept it.”

So moving from what the feeling was to how it is now, now that I am officially one of the Exun Clan. As Mukesh Sir, and later Manas, briefed us about what our responsibilities, jobs and time to time clashings(read competitions) will be like, my mind soared high on the note that now I am an insider. Something, I craved for and now more importantly something I will always saviour. Something, which excites me no bound yet at the same time reminds me of the tremendous responsibilities and obligations that one has to see off. But, enthusiasm and work are the two pillars on which the very foundations of Exun lie. And, If diamonds are forever, who said Exun is not???

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