it’s over :-(


the apple special event was a real let down, no new ipod, no iphone and no video streaming box.

What actually was announced:

rev on ipod nano

the went back the to the ipod-mini style case( the way i like it), bumped the storage, dropped the price, made it smaller and put in some better batteries. the black one looks sweet.

rev on ipod 5gen

Not the video ipod we all wanted,
comes with longer battery, more hard disk space some new software. nothing earth shattering.
they have also dropped the price a little bit.

rev on ipod shuffle

the new shuffle is really cool looking and smaaaaallllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!, love it!!
kind of reminds me of the Saturday night live video with steve jobs.

new version of iTunes and iTms

New itunes with improved iTms. Much needed hi-res content and movies.

thats about

me still sad even thought some good product upgrades announced.

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