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Engaging Young Minds to Secure our National Future

“India has earned a reputation for developing a highly skilled workforce to support its technical outsourcing industry. It is now time for us to direct our many talents inward, and address projects at home that will help secure India’s future. The Future Cities India 2020 program will engage some of India’s finest young minds in designing world-class infrastructure for economic growth and improved quality of life in our cities.”

Shri. Kapil Sibal
Minister for Science & Technology and Ocean Development

Vision of Future Cities India 2020

Future Cities India 2020… built on the ‘Vision2020’ of President of India

Create an geospatial literate community focusing on Science and Technology that contributes to the betterment of the urban/rural infrastructure of India while integrating Science & Technology with the development process

  • Using real world data to develop conceptual solutions to real world problems
  • Focus on high school and technical college students
  • Exposure to professional tools and techniques

Future Cities India 2020 – what is it

  • National competition – To start with a pilot in Delhi
  • High School and Technical College Student project – team based
  • Focused on real world challenges, using real world data
  • Using globally recognized professional software
  • Teachers serving as Program Counselors
  • Practicing professionals serving as team mentors
  • Outcomes are realistic/innovative proposals/answers
  • Students learning a marketable skill
  • Capacity building in geospatial technologies
  • Should plan on 100 hours to complete
  • Inspired by and working in cooperation with National Engineers Week Future City Competition in the United States

Team Composition

The Future Cities India 2020 Competition employs a team-based approach with distinct roles necessary for the successful completion of the project.
Each team has ….

  • Four students
  • Teacher/Program Coordinator
  • Engineer/mentors

What The Team Does

  • Develop/design a solution
  • Operates under a timeline
  • Builds a model representing their solution
  • Presents their design
    • in writing
    • presentation before judges
  • Team & School get visibility and recognition possibly as a Winner

Student Deliverables

  • The competition has two divisions
    • High School
    • Technical College
  • All students must complete the deliverables
  • Technical college participants must complete additional engineering justification
  • Deliverables include
    • Written document that includes a solution overview, cost analysis and proposal implications
    • Computer simulation
    • Physical model
    • Formal/verbal presentation
    • Expenditure statement
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and watch the winners of 2006 competitions online at

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