Hail the Wiimote, scrap the Wii

Wii will change everything…
If not, the Wiimote sure will.

Note: I am not a Nintendo fanboy though I posess a Gamecube

The following are nice scraps of news from my site and other places:

  • Nintendo recently bought Wiichannel.com, which as of now leads only to their main site. It is supposed to host animations, games and game trailers, TV shows and other audio/visual content for the Wii.
  • The Nintendo controller will feature a microphone and will store a user phonebook/address book while it will be used as a VoIP phone and will help gamers communicate while online without the need for a headset. All this comes thanks to a few Nintendo patents unveiled by nrevolutiona which demonstrate exactly how the microphone will be implemented.
  • This one you probably know, sensors on the console, wave it like a sword blah blah blah…

I am itcing to release the E3 package but G says it gotta go in the newsletter its been written and scorching my hard disk for weeks…

So thats all for now.

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