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Man has always been fascinated by the world of web.In today’s world the web technology is advancing so fast that we need to keep pace with it, infact, move yards ahead of it !

Exunclan.com is going CMS based.Some of the features are listed below :

1) Recent on going news in Exun on frontpage
2) Member registration – have their profiles
3) Downloads of multimedia of EXUN events to members
4) Calendar for members
5) Forum
6) To Do list – individual for members.
7) Newsletter publication
8) Gallery of event photos
9) @exunclan.com email account for members (if it is possible)

Right now I am working on the script and interface.Suggestions are welcome.

Now, something about the web team of exun.

Exun Web Designer Qualifications

1.) All the web designers have to have a good knowledge of softwares like Flash,Photoshop,Dreamweaver,Frontpage etc.
2.) Complete HTML,CSS,DHTML
3.) Little bit javascript knowledge (classes IX and above)
4.) Backend languages – PHP,ASP,PERL etc. (Classes XI & XII)

PS:.If someone knows something more than expected its superb.

I have introduced a Web Designing/Development Group for Web Designers of Exun.Here, we will discuss the following :

1) Creating informative, non-browser specific, non-resolution specific,content rich websites that can be used by every person on the Internet, regardless of browser, platform, or settings.

2) Tools – making the best use of softwares mentioned above.Softwares like link popularity checkers,SEOs ( Search Engine Optimizers),Website creating softwares like Yahoo Web Page creator etc.

3) Languages – Creating Active Server Pages,PHP,JAVA applets,javascripts,perl
4) Appearance – navigation,structure,browsing ease etc.
5) Content

In September (most probably) EXUN WEB TEAM will be conducting the web designing competition in our school.Soon we will also conduct sessions on backend languages and advance web scripting.

So all those people who are talented in this field are requested to post their comments along with the languages and softwares which they know and email.

PS:.Members including webmasters,flash animators,graphic designers,backend programmers of the team need to join the group.

Varun Khetarpal
Head Web Designing

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