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And welcome to EXUN 2006-07

As you all might know that you are EXUN members. Exun stands for Experts Unlimited.
Exun is the Computer Club of DPS RK Puram.
But you guys already knew that. Also, this is not the point of my post

My point is that since we call ourselves members of a computer club, we should:
1. Be Blazing Fast with whatever we do and not sit on our jobs.
2. Be technologically sound!!
3. Google anything we dont know about.
4. If you cant find it on Google. Go to Wikipedia.
5. Have read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
6. Know the answer to the question,”What happens when you search for Jawahar Singh on Google?”^^^^^^

Now coming to the real point of all points that I want to point out.

Also, since we are members of a computer club, it is necessary that we all have email ids to say the least(next on the list, portable mp3 players.). And no, the hostellers arent excused.

And so, for those of you who do not have email ids, please make them, or ask for GMAIL invites.
And for those who do have email ids, please share them with us.

And for those whose email ids are nowhere to be found on the exunclan website, please tell us what they are.*

signing off

PS: Always keep a towel handy
PPS: You will have to read H2G2** to understand the PS and the title

* That was actually the main point of this post
** H2G2 – Hitchhikers Guide…..

^^^^^^- Jawahar Singh is a former exun member. The result was: Jawahar Singh is dead. Although you might not find this result anymore. This question has been asked in Exun Quizzes. Quizzers please take note.

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