The elusive ultra-portable device being developed by Microsoft . No not just another hand held but a cross between a treo , blackberry and an ipod . An all in one media solution . The system, as described Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, would weigh about a pound, feature a battery that could hold a charge for a full day, and integrate a camera, a phone and a music device in a single form factor.
My guess is the next gen office companion full with blutooth , wi-fi , touchscreen and internet . Hopefully this is going to be an actual product and not just a “technology” that Microsoft releases to the industry .

Microsoft has actually planned a media event to be held within hours of the apple event today( where new mac mini and an ipod hi fi was released ) .
Could Microsoft make the true ipod/blackberry killer… ?

the origami project
concept video on you tube

Also , Microsoft has announced that there will be 6 versions of vista . No need to worry all the CD’s/DVD’s will be same just a differing serial key will unlock different versions .

Vista Starter — Streamlined version meant for low-powered PCs in developing nations.

Vista Home Basic — For those content to browse the web, use email, and create and edit basic documents from their PC. Includes desktop search and security tools.

Vista Home Premium — Includes everything in Basic but also includes the Aero graphical interface, Media Center functionality, and ability to connect to Xbox 360. The version most of us will own at home.

Vista Business — The basic version for companies of all sizes with tools to help organizations manage their PCs.

Vista Enterprise — Includes everything in the basic business version with improved encryption and BitLocker system to keep data from being read on a stolen computer.

Vista Ultimate — All the features of Home and Business in one. ( the one I hope to get )

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