Vista v/s OSX

I visited Vista’s website and found that OSX really now have a competition with Vista. With dual core processors for home computers becoming reality, MS has finally arrived somewhere. Have a look:

User Experience:

Aah, Now they have introduced some of the Aqua effects like feature. They have quick search feature, which is equivalent to Spotlight in OSX. They have also redesigned the Start Button, which does not mention start, but simply windows logo in a Aqua ball. The start menu is also redisigned.

One of the features that I like is Windows Aero. Windows Aero is the new GUI framework, which basically creates Aqua like interface which was until seen only in OSX.

You all are familiar with quick switching applications with Alt+Tab button. The feature that I like most is Windows Flip 3D. Using Aero technology, Windows Flip and Windows Flip 3D, allows you to flip through open windows (by using Alt+Tab), providing a live thumbnail of each window, rather than just a generic icon and file name. Then you simply use wheel mouse to go thru the windows. I think this feature is more innovative than expose in OSX.


Yep, Vista will be more secure than XP. It will be more secure and less Vulnerable to attack. The security aspect of Vista will have best features from Windows Server 2003 and Service Pack 2 of Windows XP. As XP, it will have firewall which will monitor incoming and outgoing traffic as well. Vista has also introduced something called UAC (User Access Control).
This feature when enabled, reduces the Privileges to a normal user even if you are Admin. Like for example, if you are logged on as Admin and if you want to install an application, Vista will first ask you to provide your credentials. This will make sure that even if you logged on as Admin and left the computer unattended, nobody will harm your computer. OSX already has this feature.

Also, The most targeted software i.e. IE, will not be integrated into Vista, and will run like just another application. Earlier version of Windows had IE integrated deeply into OS, So when hacker used to attack IE, they were able to gain access to system. So in Vista, Even if someone finds an exploit, they will not be able to harm the system as IE will be viewed as just another application that is trying to gain access to system, So UAC will simply block it.

MS has also included Malicious Software Removal Tool kit in Vista which will make sure that even if somebody or something is able to penetrate the defense of the system and plant a Virus, worm or trojan, this tool will remove that. So no need for 3rd party Virus Scanners.

Tabs are here finally. IE not integrated into system, more security features, RSS Enabled etc… Nothing more to say.
PS: Microsoft as of 31st December 2005 has ended support for IE for Mac.

Sidebar and Gadgets
“If you can’t beat them; then Buy, copy, steal etc…” This is Unofficial and Undeclared Microsoft Policy. Windows Sidebar is MS answer to Dashboard in OSX. Have a look:

Ok, Finally I think, MS is working in right direction. OSX users have always been proud of their system performance, Including me. Windows Vista has including new features like Sleep, SuperFetch, External Memory Drive (EMD), and Hybrid Hard Drive.

You might be wondering, whats so new in Sleep. Well in Vista, Sleep modes work different for Desktops and Laptops. Sleep works in a different way on Windows Vista-based desktops than it does on Windows Vista-based laptops. When you turn off a Windows Vista-based desktop, all the documents, applications, and data that are currently in use are saved in two places. First, they are saved to the memory, or RAM, where they are quickly accessible (in Windows XP this was called Standby). Simultaneously, the information is saved to the computer’s hard disk (in Windows XP this was called Hibernate). In Sleep, Windows Vista simultaneously saves the current user information to both memory and the hard disk. So even if you pull the plug when your computer is sleeping, the data is not lost. On laptop you can enter the Sleep state by pressing the Power button or closing the laptop lid. Your data is saved to memory, letting you resume use faster. As battery power drains, Windows Vista quickly transitions the data to disk to help keep the data safe.

All windows users are aware of the PC performance. This feature basically monitors User activities, and based on that is quickly preloads the specific software. For example if you mostly work with Photoshop, then Using superfetch feature, Vista will preload the Photoshop into RAM when your computer starts. This will boost the system performance.

Any Computer’s performance can be boosted by adding RAM. So External Memory Drives feature in Vista allows you to make your USB drives as RAM. So when you feel that your computer is slowing down, simply hookup the USB Drive and it will start acting as RAM. So you can update the Memory without opening the box.

PS: Don’t worry, You can remove an EMD at any time without any loss of data or negative impact to the system; however, if you remove the EMD, your performance returns to the level you experienced without the device. A unique algorithm optimizes wear patterns, so that a USB device can run as an EMD for many years, even when heavily used. Finally, data on the EMD is encrypted to help prevent inappropriate access to data when the device is removed. Smart huh??

Windows Sideshow
Windows Vista SideShow technology enables laptop manufacturers to include a secondary or auxiliary display in future laptop designs. This display can be used to easily view the critical information you need, whether the laptop is on, off, or in sleep mode. The convenience provided by these auxiliary displays will save time and battery life by allowing you to quickly view meeting schedules, phone numbers, addresses, and recent e-mail messages without having to start up your laptop.

And lots more
There are still many features that I have not mentioned, which includes new Backup and restore system, New networking framework Indigo, New file system (WinFS) which is optimized for Quick Searching like in OSX, and many new side products like Office 12, WMPlayer 11, which will make Vista Experience even more great.

But, Do not expect all the features when Vista comes out. I think finally Windows has arrived at the OSX Level or perhaps even surpassed OSX in User experience, Security etc… Lets see what Apple comes out with, in their next major update.


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