Adobe..hmm..Formerly Macromedia

Adobe has finally bought Macromedia. Adobe Systems, which specializes in Desktop publishing apps, brought multimedia applications maker Macromedia in a $3.4 billion deal which, will make adobe a multimedia and desktop publishing powerhouse. This is big news for creative/design world. Maybe Macromedia products like Flash will now be included in Creative Suite.

Some people are very happy with this Acquisition but other are not at all happy. I found this quote on the internet:

“Macromedia is a controversy free company, with excellent products. Adobe, tends to upset users and industry ‘partners’ not to mention buggy, fat, slow software. Moby Dick has swallowed the Little Mermaid…”

It will also be interesting to see how Adobe includes Macromedia Apps in its mainstream software. Whether it will keep macromedia as a separate division in the company or they will fool around with it and release it under a new name.


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