First Blog of Ze year Too Thousund Sicks

Whats happening fellow Exunites!
Here I was, sitting at home on New Years , with nothing to do , having reached previously unscaled heights of loser-ishness , when I said to myself:
Hey , what better way to kickstart 2006 than by wishing all my brothers and sisters on lnexundotcom?’

This was partially because I couldnt really call anyone , my phones werent working, but what the

Yes Im in a really corny mood , kindly adjust.
Anyway back to the point , Happy Noo year everyone! Yes I like to say Noo because it looks cool! Sue me!
My new year wishes, Heres hoping 2006 brings with it..

For Exun:
Gleaming trophies and Sponsors with XL Sized wallets

For Mukesh Sir:
A fine crop of Exun members and another year of unlimited expertise

For Ishita:
Premium Membership , The Ivies. And a nice fat scholarship (wink)

For Gudi:
Exun Presidency and a swanky car Museum in Paris (wink-wink)

For Sakshi:
A row of iMac G5s in the Exun Lab by the time you become President
Other than that , I dont really know what you want , but I wish you get it this year 🙂

For Varun Misra and the Exun Thinkquest team:
6 tickets to the US of A and a luxury car or something as the grand prize for our webbie –

For All remaining Exunites:
Gods blessings and his saving grace , should my first wish for Gudi come true.
And of course more gleaming trophies and crazy Exun stuff.
Lets see you guys beat the Exun video this year [muhahahahaha..]

Miscellaneous Wishes:
Prosperity , Happiness , Tidings of great joy; you know , the works.

Kindly post your wishes and tales of 12 o’clock misadventures
(if any) in the comments section

And he lived cornily forever after,

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