The new iMac: A short user review.

I guy on my floor just bought the new iMac. I must admit, it looks really nice, but it isn’t much better than the previous iMac.

The Positives

If you use your computer for viewing a LOT of media then this is the computer for you. Front Row is incredibly useful, but only for media. I mean if you really do view a lot of pics on your comp, and spends hours on video browsing, buy the iMac NOW. Also, it really does add to the look of a room, not to mention clearing up desk space. Finally, the SuperDrive is standard now, which I like.

The Negatives

The graphics performance is better, I’ll give you that, but it’s not really that appreciable. Also, The remote is only useful If you wanna run iTunes or iPhoto or something. It has practically no other function. You really would like it to have mouse level functions, but it just doesn’t. There is a lack or foresight in the iSight. As it’s actually a part of the screen, you can’t move it, which is a serious liability for any webcam. I mean if you want to show someone your room, you have to get up and move the entire computer, which, as I hardly need to describe is quite a pain. Finally, Front Row is … let’s just say that it has limited use. It’s brilliant to play music, but just the iPod worked better for me. I don’t really spend a lot of time looking at pics, so that bit didn’t work out. As for the video thing, I could just all my videos in the same folder and that would work fine for me

My point? My point is that the iMac was, and still is, one of the best desktops out there. However, if you were holding out for the Intel Macs, I suggest you wait. The new iMac, though nice, is not a very great improvement over the last one. As a matter of fact, if looks aren’t an issue for you, I think you’ll find just a regular desktop a lot more cost effective.

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