e-Spice 2005:Teams

e-Spice,the computer symposium of DPS Noida is being held on Sept 12th-13th.Here is the list of participants:

Digital Expression:-12/05
Ishita Kapur

Cyber Designing:-13/05
Gursartaj Singh
Dhruv Kumar

Crypt it:-12/05
Raman Khatri
Nikhil Aggarwal

Tease your brain:13/05
Ishita Kapur

Quiz it down n across:-12/05
Abhisheyk Gaur,Aditya K
Gursartaj Singh,Dhruv Kumar

The Ultimate DJ:12/05
Gursartaj Singh
Mukund Kabra

Sagar Gogia

Flash your animation:12/05
Vansh Muttreja
Rijul Jain

Zarquon’s Test:12/05
Abhisheyk Gaur
Raman Khatri

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