Apple Chumming with Intel

In a move to totally remove the PowerPC Processors manufactured by IBM from its product lines, Apple officially declared at around 11 PM IST(June 6th) that they have been secretly managing a programme which maintained OS X on the x86 platform. Apple Plans to start its migration to Pentiums by next year and achieve full migration by 2007-mid. Steve Jobs showed an implementation of Tiger on a Pentium 4 based machine. Developer Kits having a 3.64 GHz P4 CPU will be available for Premium Developers soon.

A technology named Rosetta on the Future Macs will enable them to run both the Fat Binaries and the PowerPC compiled codes with little performance differences. Steve Jobs showed Photoshop for Mac working seamlessly on the P4 machine using Rosetta. To curb concerns over difficulty of porting software from PowerPC to x86, Steve Jobs took the example of Mathematica where he claimed that the whole package took only 2 hours to port using a new version of XCode. This new version of XCode allows compilation in Fat Binaries.

The Crowd according to participants present during the Keynote gave a mixed respose to this shift. Many analysts are predicting that Apple will lose more partners after this shift. Apple has often been vocal about its complaints on IBM because of slow progress and supply constarints on the G5. The Portable Computer Line still runs on G4 processors manufactured by Freescale(Subsidary of Motorola) .

Maanick Nangia

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