Fedora Core 3

Like Mr. Karan Misra said, Unix can go and bury itself in sand.
Fedora core is an open source project sponsored by red hat, but not supported by it.

It comes in a 4 CD Pack + 1 Rescue CD.
Fedora can be configured to run as Personal Computer OS, Server, Workstation or Mixed. It has very good looking interface. It also has varity of software bundled with it including a WinXP like CD/DVD Writing wizard, games etc, development tools, various services like httpd, windows networking, c and perl compilers and lots more (It comes in 4 CD pack, what do you expect?). You will just love it.

But, It does have a problem with Anaconda (Installer of Fedora Core system), I have
a 1997 Computer with Celeron (coppermine) 600 Mhz , 64 MB RAM (Yes its historic) and 10GB Harddisk (I Know….No need to repeat), serial mouse, standard keyboard.
I tried to install fedora on it. Result – 6 Hrs wasted, crashed my hard disk.

First of all, If you have a serial mouse and try to install in graphic mode, Your mouse will not work. It is a bug in the installer. So, you have to install it in
text mode.

Second of all, If you just go on clicking next..next..next, you will end up having lots of errors, very bad partition, crashed harddisk.

Third of all, if you have a low memory (64 MB RAM) and you don’t create a SWAP
partition, you end up having your installer crashed.

Finally, It doesn’t give error when it needs to. I didn’t notice during installation that i have forgotted to create ‘/boot’ partition. Result after 2 hrs of installation and rebooting ->

Boot record from CDROM…Not Found
Boot record from Floppy…Not Found
Boot record from IDE-0…OK
Missing Operation System.
(System Halted)

Don’t Mistake, The problem is with the installer and not the Fedora Core Itself. The
installation will go smooth if you have PS/2 Mouse and lots of RAM. I installed it
on our school’s computer and it worked very well without any single error. It just that the installer don’t like old machines. Overall I will give 8/10.

Loading of Fedora:


References: fedora.redhat.com, google image search

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