Programming Question[v.v. simple]….

make a program in any programming language which takes input from the user in the form of x,y and x1,y1 where x,y and x1,y1 are location of points on the screen
E.g. 10,20 and 20,30
the program has to give output in the form x2,y2 where x2,y2 is the location of any third point to which if the other two points are joined gives an equilateral triangle on a grid of any size.
All such possible points should be given by the program.

2,5 and 4,5

3,3.3 and 3,6.7

where 1,1 is the top left corner of the grid

Note: this is a very simple question meant for junior programmers only .Please post answer/queries in comments.

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