HP CEO Carly Fiorina steps down
Source: IANS.

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New York, Feb 9: Carleton S. Fiorina has stepped down as chairman and CEO of Hewlett-Packard company, it was announced officially.

Better known as Carly Fiorina one of America’s most high profile woman executives, however, suggested she had been fired.

“While I regret the board and I have differences about how to execute HP’s strategy, I respect their decision. HP is a great company and I wish all the people of HP much success in the future,” Fiorina was quoted as saying by HP’s website.

“The board of directors of Hewlett-Packard Company today (Tuesday) announced that Carleton S. Fiorina has stepped down as chairman and chief executive officer, effective immediately. Robert P. Wayman, HP’s chief financial officer, has been named chief executive officer on an interim basis and appointed to the board of directors. Patricia C. Dunn, an HP director since 1998, has been named non-executive chairman of the board, also effective immediately,” the company said.

“Carly Fiorina came to HP to revitalise and reinvigorate the company. She had a strategic vision and put in place a plan that has given HP the capabilities to compete and win. We thank Carly for her significant leadership over the past six years as we look forward to accelerating execution of the company’s strategy,” Dunn said on behalf of the board.

Fiorina had frequently run into differences with the company board, especially HP’s acrimonious takeover in 2002 of Compaq Computer Corporation. The board had strongly objected to the takeover but Fiorina went ahead nevertheless.

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