DynamiX – Overall Winners!

We bagged the overall trophy! A magnificent achievement considering the strength of the team we had there.

SP – 1st

* Raman

* Nikhil

JP – 1st

* Rahul Bhatnagar

Quiz – 2nd

* Bharat

* Ishaan

Crossword – 2nd

* Bharat

* Ishaan

Gaming – 2nd

* Varun Kumar

GD – 3rd

* Varun Kumar

A magnificent effort considering that he was informed at the last moment.

This guy should be in exun. as it is, we are a little short on gamers

Ringtone Composition – 2nd

* Akul

* Saumya

Surprise Event – 2nd

* Whole Team

The surprise event was weird, with us having to go around with the help of clues, find a CD which contained Earth v3.14, which was in a parallel universe. Ramjas Pusa Road just pipped us. I am not in favour of such Tecathlon type events.

Congratulations Everyone! Once again, i wish we had more victories instead of 2nd places.

We also got a wireless logitech keyboard and mouse for our efforts.

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