Of the banning of the juniors.

Good day.

Something very disturbing has come to my notice recently. Juniors are disallowed fro Egurucool premises in break.Why?

What possible positive end can be achieved by this, I’d like to know. To have all those resources and then banning people from using them is just about as productive as America’s general elections.

I can understand that they want the senior classes not to be disturbed. Fine, ban people from the stairs that lead up to the classes and down to the labs. Why ban them from the WRC?

Look at prohibition, the Nazi party or whatever you like, banning NEVER helps.

This has even worse repercussions for Exun. If the juniors are not going to meet in break, then when will they meet? The amount of info and skill that was exchanged during break was enormous, and now all that productive potential is going to go to waste.

Something must be done.

Please leave any ideas as to what that something is, in the comments.

— Nisheeth

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