Are We Regressing?

After Banning Cell phones, its the turn of the internet getting disconnected from the school premesis. It seems that No Student shall be allowed to use the internet at school. Whatever may be the reason behind this it doesnt really matter. The main thing is that our school, pioneers in integrating computers in a student’s life, is taking a 180 degree turn. Its trying to cut off technology from the school and actually now on the path of regressing. Just a fortnight back, we were asking Sir that when are we going to get a leased line. Now exun batch 2005-06 will ask when do we get any internet in school?

Everything in this planet has a positive side and a negative side… same lies for the internet. It depends on the individual on how he wants to use it. This doesnt mean that it should be all ‘banned’. Solutions have been found out, laws have been made and effort is being put in to counter the negative effects. If the school is feeling that the internet is having too many bad effects, has it tried controlling the bad effects first before banning it? Technology itself has the answer for fixing some of the the negative effects it produces.

Agreed that all negative points cant be eliminated, but are those negative effects so big that they completely shadow the positive effects ? I dont need to go through the list of positives of the WWW. Giving freedom brings in responsibility to 95% of the students but are the remaining 5% so big that the rest of the 95% have to suffer too ? Agreed, Something has to be done about those 5% but banning is not the answer. It sends a wrong message to everyone. finally what I feel, constant guidance to the erring is the answer. If a function in C++ is not working properly, we debug it not delete the function altogether.


P.S. : These are totally my views. If anyone thinks that i am correct or totally or partially incorrect(which I certainly might be!), comment away!

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