Apeejay SS Quiz


  1. What is the test-bed for IPv6 called?
  2. What was originally called “Two birds on a wire�?
  3. SNOBOL is derived from String Oriented Symbolic Language. What is SPITBOL derived from?
  4. What does the ‘cal’ command do in Linux?
  5. Which instant messenger of a popular email service now allows you to send SMSs?
  6. Where are you most likely to read “Insert Motto Here�?
  7. What is Series 40 or 60 in cell phones?
  8. What does the ‘nice’ command do in Linux?
  9. SWF/LFM-926; what is it?
  10. What is the name of the first virus in Symbian?
  11. Like Yahoo has different specific IDs, which other popular email service has started it? Give 2 countries for which it has been started?
  12. When you log onto Baazee.com you can pay by ‘Paisa Pay’. What is it?
  13. What was the code name for the Amiga?
  14. What are cherry and membranes types of?
  15. Which company is Oracle trying to take over? When was its last bid rejected?
  16. What is a quad band cell phone?
  17. Why does the screen of a cell phone get stuck to 1 image when it is kept in the freezer?
  18. On a QWERTY keyboard, what comes after Y?
  19. Which company makes Across Lite?
  20. What are Atom, Electron and Archimedes types of?
  21. Which company makes the MuVo MP3 Player?
  22. What is the most likely file extension of Java games for your mobile phone?
  23. Which company has the slogan “Think Broad�?
  24. How many pins are there on a Pentium I chip?
  25. Which company made Commander Kene?
  26. What is iLipi?
  27. What’s a dongle?
  28. What type of virus was/is Melissa?
  29. What does Spybot do?
  30. AGP is rapidly being replaced by which technology?
  31. Most polyphonic ring tone files are of what type?

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Tie-Breaker Questions

  1. Which anti-virus software does Apple endorse for its Mac OS?
  2. Who wrote the book “Art of C Programming”?
  3. What is QT? (not QuickTime)


  1. McAfee Virex
  2. Donald Knuth
  3. A graphics rendering engine (used in KDE)


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